A little about me

I am a marketing person. I develop brands, run projects, conceptualise ideas and solve problems. My background is in marketing design, and the more I did it, the more I began developing and employing far-reaching campaigns across multiple teams. Now, I work strategically to help companies grow and attract customers. I travel, read, game, snowboard and create the memories which inform how I solve problems.

My latest musings

Code – a frustrating reward

There is nothing more satisfying than wrestling stubborn code into submission. Although I admit once I start playing with stubborn code I forget things like lunch, bathroom breaks and coffee. Which generally help removing the idiotic girders in my path. Today I...

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After a long hiatus…

Eek last time I blogged was in March?! To be fair I was concentrating on my last month as a student, passing my course, finishing coding and designing this awesome website etc. Also planning a wedding, then executing a wedding is no picnic. But that’s not really an...

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